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The vision of Essence is to help people to relax, unwind, maintain health, and begin to move better in their day to day life.


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Yoga & Pilates

The combination of a variety of classes plus massage is how Essence recognizes the complimentary restorative movements between massage sessions. Essence studio is a place you are able to focus on your body to begin moving and feeling better in your daily life.  This routine will encourage you to experience improved posture, less pain, more range of motion, improved sleep, more energy, improved ability to focus and more.  Classes include yoga, pilates and barre, and range from gentle restorative movements, low impact work outs, to work outs to build strength and make you sweat.  There is something for everyone at Essence of Movement regardless of age, body type, or experience. Hope to see you soon!

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Essence Massage Therapy offers individual sessions that keep both the professionalism and relaxing atmosphere of a spa with the convenience and attention of an independent massage therapist. If you have ever wondered why you feel so good after a massage and then after a couple days the pain is back. The reasons may vary, however, it often comes back to our posture, how much we move and how we move, how we sleep, and what injuries and restrictions we may be working with. Essence also offers yoga, pilates, barre and more studio classes that can meet people at their level and work with them to overcome restrictions and pain patterns in their body. Massages are schedule Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays.

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History of Essence

Founded by Darleen Cole, Essence of Movement started as Essence Massage Therapy in 2015.

Essence of Movement is located in the downtown historic district of Brighton, Colorado. Essence of Massage Therapy is upstairs at 119 Bridge Street, Suite 220. Essence of Movement and all classes are located in the Yoga and Pilates Studio, downstairs of the same building with the entrance at 5 North Main Street.


Essence of Movement building

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