Essence offers a wide variety of yoga, pilates, and barre studio classes. Styles for all levels and types of practitioners! *Inquire about classes specifically designed for children.

Power Flow

This class links body movement with breath. This class includes, energetic sun salutations, balancing and standing poses, as well as floor work. Class may include arm balances, backbends and wall assisted inversions. However, modifications and options are given to make the class accessible to most active beginners.

Vinyasa Roots

This is a shoulder friendly class. You will practice finding your foundation through holding poses for several breaths to build strength in the body and mind.

Heated All Levels Flow

All level energetic Vinyasa class is suitable for all levels of practitioners. Modifications will be offered for newbies, while those who have practiced will feel strong. Classes are diverse; each class will have its own creative aspect to it. Complete with music, and safe, with a smart progression of postures, loading and stretching. Complete with a cool down that will offer you a sense of ease; leave you floating out the door!

Essence Restorative Yoga

Essence Restorative Yoga can neurologically and physically provide balance by gently getting into those tight, restricted areas in your body and begin to open muscles and soft tissues. We use props which allow you to hold poses longer, offering all the benefits of deep, passive stretching and calming of the central nervous system. This is a great class for beginners and seasoned practitioners, seniors, those with limited mobility due to injury, and those seeking greater ease, flexibility, and concentration in their everyday activities. Complete with a peaceful meditation.

Vinyasa Flow

Flowing postures moving 1 breath to 1 movement creating heat within your body, Increasing strength, flexibility and endurance.


Designed to offer the artful benefits of Vinyasa and Yin Yoga in one class. We will begin class with a warm up and an All –Levels Flow, transitioning into a more calm and meditative Yin practice where postures are held for 3-5 minutes. Utilizing props such as bolsters and blankets for stability and comfort, these longer holds are designed to open the deep connective tissues in the body to increase your flexibility and relax the mind. The complimentary styles will leave your body and mind feeling refreshed and balanced.